Was told My face looks slimmer.

Picture Number 1 was taken some time around the end of June.

Picture Number 2 was taken August 2nd

Picture Number 3 was taken August 27th

Picture Number 4 was taken September 8th

A friend whom I rarely see anymore but maintain a close Facebook relationship, contacted me yesterday to tell me that I looked like I was losing a bit of weight. I really am not too sure if I am or not. I certainly HOPE to hear something like that. I have been staying away from the scale. I wanted to see if anyone would comment on a physical change if any. I have read recovery stories where people talk about how they started getting a lot of complements on how their appearance has improved. Looking at these pictures for myself I can’t tell if it’s just angles and lighting that make them look slightly different, or if there is a real glow to my skin now. I mean I certainly don’t expect miracles to take place over night, but it is nice to think that I really am improving myself. I have to be honest. I did slip up and have some wine this weekend with my husband. Only a little bit over sushi though. We got lucky and has a weekend away from our kids and decided to celebrate. I was a little scared at first to drink, and I really didn’t have much of a desire to, but once I did have a drink…I did have the craving for another, but I was able to control it. It wasn’t as hard to stop myself as it has been in the past. I would love for this experiment and life change to really make a positive difference for my appearance and weight. But I have to keep telling myself that it will take time. Things will not get better over night. I have given up on diets and sobriety so many times before because I would get discouraged and would simply give up after not seeing results after a few days 😛 Stupid I know, but I would want such instant results that I would get frustrated and walk away. Well I’m not doing it this time. I don’t know if I look any better. I don’t know if any noticeable difference can be seen YET but I am still not going to quit. I feel so great, and everyday is a step in the better direction.

3 thoughts on “Was told My face looks slimmer.”

  1. Congrats! Whether you get an additional benefit of looking better, I am sure you feel better and you have accomplished so much just by learning to control your urges to drink! Keep it up. 🙂

  2. Thank you! 🙂 i do feel tons better, and notice I am experiencing less of the daily discomforts that I had just grown accustomed too. Like always being fatigued, being grumpy, uninterested in just daily activities, constant hunger and the worst….over perspiration! LOL….

  3. I’m not sure if your face looks slimmer but you are very pretty! I’ve noticed from my own “selfies” (I hate that word, it reminds me of the words “selfish” & “stuck up”) that depending on the light and angle at which it was taken, I can very different looking from one photo to the next. I usually take facial pics with my head tilted to the side so that my face looks like it has shape rather then a round blob. I wish I could be one of those people that look great no matter what the pose.

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