My first entry- beginning

The beginning. This is the beginning of my story. 18 years old lying in bed recovering from a major operation, i have nothing but time to go back in time and share what made me as a person. I have never written a diary neither have i blogged before, but i am determined to finally tell and face those secrets, those truths, those events that even the people that think they know me are unaware of. So this is where i will expose my journey right from the point at which i opened my eyes to see this world for the first time to whats happening in my life once i have finished this mission. No matter how long it takes or how much it hurts i will go through with all the details, bringing light to the most darkest parts of me. I am currently taking a gap year after finishing A-levels to under go treatments and surgeries. I have a place at the university of Southampton to study business, starting in 2015.It is until then i have time to tell the world. There is no need for me to tell you anymore as you will come to know more of my current situation in the ultimate blogs. This is my story .. no fairy tale.. no myth .. Just plain simple real truth. That is all for now, until the next time we meet x

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