Quick note on things

I have been very lazy lately lol just don’t feel like doing anything. Just want to make a quick note on things I did lately. The weather got chilly from last Thursday. It doesn’t really feel like summer anymore.

I broke my phone on Saturday last week right before the make up road rave. Ever since then I have been living without the phone and yes it is very painful. I was going to go with new iPhone which is going to come out this Friday but changed my mind to stay with existing phone for more year. So I ordered new screen on ebay and am very impatience on shipping lol I really hoping to get this by Thursday so I can talk to Hannah on Friday morning.

Work was alright. Spent most of time on new project and it’s looking pretty good so far. Got back to work out on lunch break but still eat more than normal. I don’t gain weights tho.

Max sent me an email last night after not talking for almost years about the new opportunity. I really appreciate it that he didn’t forget about me and reached me out for me.

Today(Sep/16/2014 on Tuesday), I had a dinner with my friends who joined US army a half years ago. Glad to see that she made through all the training and happy to see that she will be serving rest of period in the place that she and her husband want to be. The dinner as Indian restaurant was pretty good too.

Just finished up on freelance project and sent them over to Damon. Hope this project goes well!

Well that’s about it. now I will go to sleep after a bottle of beer 🙂

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