Is there a hospital for the broken hearts?
I’m not talking about a cardiac arrest.
For some people, things can be really hard.
Sometimes, they don’t pass life’s tests.

I don’t want to cry all the time,
so I often act tough on the outside.
It’ll be disgusting to always have this nose full of slime,
even when it takes forever for these feelings to subside.

If there’s really one,
then sign me up for a therapy.
I hate these feelings of coming undone,
but it’s one hell of a journey back to being happy.

So, is there really any hospital for broken hearts?
Perhaps I wouldn’t be too romantically-challenged.
Maybe the doctors there could help me to fix these broken parts
and restore my sanity’s old balance…


(Jakarta, 15/9/2014 – 10:40 pm)

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