So at some point today I got the wild hair up my butt to dye my hair. I decided it would be a surprise and I would have it done before my husband got home. I grabbed my precious, well mannered two year old, and off to Wal-Mart we went. I should probably start off by saying that I have never dyed my own hair before. The last time my hair was dyed at all was about 10 years ago when I as in high school. As you can see from my profile picture I am a naturally dark brown haired girl. Well..I decided I wanted to know what I would look like as a redhead. (Totally sober mind you). It also dawned on me that I have been feeling my whiskers flap in the breeze lately, and my uni-brow was one hair blade away from forming a bird and flying off of my face. I have waxed my face numerous times, but I could not find the brand that I most commonly use. I grabbed the only one I saw and out the door I went.

I get home, lay the baby down, and break out the hair dye. I try really hard not to think about what I’m about to do and just DO IT!I pull the dye out of the box…mix it up and begin applying. The bathroom I am in is about the size of a hall closet, and I don’t have much counter space to work with at all. I get the dye fully applied to my head, and decide that while I am waiting for the dye to set I will start waxing my face. I open up the box of wax and notice individually packaged little wipes. The look like little moist towelettes for cleaning your hands. Naturally I assume that they are alcohol wipes for cleaning your skin prior to waxing. Have I mentioned I never read directions? Well anyway I apply this stuff to my face. Wipe over my lip and my eyes. Once I am done wiping the smell of the ammonia finally fills the whole closet sized bathroom to the point where I can’t breath. I begin, mildly, to gasp for breath. I turn around and open my bathroom window as fast as I can. It is about this time that I feel the strangest sensation. Kind of like that warm feeling of numbness you get in your face when the dentist has filled your gums with Novocaine. I begin to panic. Thinking the only rational thing one can think at a time like this. I must be having a stroke. I am dying. I wipe around to look at myself in the mirror. I begin slapping my face to check for feeling. It is about this time that I realize the numbness is only in the places on my face that I wiped with the moist towelette. I frantically flail for the waxing box to finally read the directions. (you know AFTER the fact) Low and behold those “alcohol” wipes were in fact numbing wipes. So after about five mins of trying to wash the numb off..I try to use the waxing strips. They don’t work. I am so irritated and freaked out by the unsuspecting numb feeling that I totally abort the de-hairing mission, and proceed into the final stages of hair dying. At this point my scalp feels as though I have stuck my head in a vat of battery acid, and I’m hanging my head out of the window periodically so I can breath. 30 mins is up…and so I hop in the shower to wash the dye away. I get out and look in the mirror. I notice no color difference at all. I dry my hair and blow it. Now that It is dry I can see a little bit of color in there. Not much though. A little relieved I head out to pick my oldest up at the bus stop. At this point I come home and start taking pictures of my new hair and sending them to people so excited. A few hours later my husband comes home. I am waiting for him to say something about my hair. I keep trying to make eye contact with him but every time I do he breaks it quickly. I then get self consiouse and go to look at my hair one more time in the mirror. Over the course of a few hours my hair went from hardly hinted auburn to pull on RED! Chuckie Finster RED! This is NOT what I was expecting at all! So now, not only is my face still slightly drooping, but thanks to my new hair color and failed waxing kit I look like a bright Orange crayola with a mustache! LOL

As time goes on I am trying to get more and more use to the hair color. It is not what I was expecting but my husband and I both agree that it isn’t BAD it will just take some getting use to. Plus…the whole reason I did it was for a fun change in the first place.

I bet you are wondering what the point of this long and unfortunate story is. The point is. I was totally sober and I had a BALL! I did something fun! I haven’t done anything fun in years. And if I was going out to do something that was suppose to be “fun” I was either pushing through a hangover, or just counting the minutes until I could talk someone into going to get a beer with me or something. The longer I am sober the more I start to come back to myself. That exciting spirit I use to have is slowly coming back to the surface. I have energy and ideas again. I WANT to enjoy again. It’s crazy. If you are suffering from any type of alcohol dependency and keep coming up with excuses not to stop…please think about this one post. It is worth it if you stick with it. The first few days will suck…and not everyday there after is going to be a cake walk, but it certainly is worth it. I could have never imagined I would feel this way. Life is good, and I’m looking forward to that cup of coffee in the morning 🙂

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