Hope I’m doing the right thing!

On sept 29 it will be a year that I’ve been separated from my husband. I will file for divorce next year and I haven’t been talking to anyone or going on any dates. I was really waiting for my divorce to be official before talking to someone new. Last month around my bday I met a guy and we’ve met up once. But now everytime we make plans, he cancels. He is so busy with work and school that he barely has time to text or see me. So last night I told him to just go away and leave me alone, because I don’t want to get hurt again. I feel like no matter how busy a person is they will find the time if they are really interested. But he was upset and saying I’m scared of my past but still if we were to get serious I would be unhappy because he would be too busy for me. I was was doing fine and was content with being alone and he had to show up. So now I have to forget him and don’t talk to anyone else because I don’t feel like the games. I’ve been through enough already…..but then I’m thinking what if I got rid of him too early or what if he was really busy…idk I deleted his number so I wouldn’t be able to text him so, oh well.

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