I’ve found a safe refuge. ♥

I think it’s good I have a safe refuge here. I’ve really wanted a safe refuge somewhere, and I believe I’ve found it… right here. ♥


Today, my Dad made a crazy mistake. He crashed into the home’s fence so now he has to pay to get it fixed. I know, it’s a rather silly mistake. But mistakes can cost a lot of money. So now a bunch of our plans will have to be stalled simply because of this one mistake.


I’ll confess, I think I’m attracted to Rebecca. Not like a crush, but… I’m attracted to her. I mean, I call myself “bicurious” because of this. I’m not sure what I am. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m heteromantic or biromantic. I know I’m mixed in with aromantic, definitely, but I have no idea how to identify myself as. I’ll probably have to call myself “bicurious asexual”. IDK.


There are a lot of things you, dear diary, don’t know yet. I’m sure I don’t want to state everything here. But I’m pretty sure I’ll feel free to state certain things on here soon. Because this site’s amazing. ♥


I probably have to head off and read some more books now. So… see ya! 🙂


BTW, check out the cool pic I chose for this entry! 😀



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