Writing About Friends And Other.

The 18th was my mom’s one year anniversary as I stated in another entry. And last night Rick and I went to our 3rd class. We did some group things and I was very happy that rick took part of the work sheet we had to do. It was hard because the topic of the class was (Losses And Gains) for kids and for adults as well. All I could think about was my mom and dad and how much I along with my sister’s and brother miss them. I still have to do the homework I am hoping rick will help me with that over the weekend? And answer some more of the questions on “The Family Profile”? My one friend who I said wanted to come visit is having a really rough time with her one boy. She has two young adult kids. One is now in deep trouble with the law. She blames herself and I told her she should not do that. She did not make him do the things he did to get himself where he is now. but I guess when you are the parent you want what is best for your child/children and will say those famous words where did I or we go wrong with him or her? It’s not always the parent or who ever has custody of them fault. Sometime it is yes but not always. I really feel for her and what she is going through. I have talked to her about still coming down for a visit now she keeps saying her family needs her. She wont have to worry if she ends up having a heart attack or dead due to stress giving her the heart attack. I have talked more to rick about the room mate and  he was not happy and made me feel a bit better because he said the room mate dose not have any say what we do in OUR HOME! and if he don’t like it and keeps saying he will move then go for it. We are not holding him here. In fact nothing is keeping him here. Well its late and was going to work on the scrap book but I’ll wait till tomorrow while rick works on things around here. Good night sweet dreams and have a nice weekend. Bye for now. Teen.

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