Becoming a Family

I can’t believe we have already finished our third week. But at least by this time I feel like we all have gotten into the swing of things. Knowing what classes to go to, knowing the best places to go for our 20 minute breaks between classes, and even where to stay away from in the city that’s going to have the most traffic or even have a weird crowd hanging around on the corner. With this comfortability of our surroundings also becomes are a comfortability with our teachers. Movement class is definitely no exception to that. Every class, no matter where you’re coming from in your life, if you’re sad if you’re happy if you have a lot of stress going on or if you just had a really bad voice lesson, you always leave this class with a smile. I know I said this in my last journal but I feel like it needs to be reiterated even more so. I was having a really rough week, I even cried right before going in the class, but it’s the bond that wehave with all of the students and the teachers that I’ve met over the past three weeks that have turned my whole attitude around.

With that being said, our last movement class Felt more natural than the last. Every time we learn something new, we added onto the next class and keep building upon the movements that we have already learned, which makes for a more relaxed setting when we feel like we are more in control and not learning something new one have the fear of messing up. One thing that you definitely can’t be ashamed of though is the movements that we do together as a group, such as the famous “le twerk” which we were just told was made famous by Marcel Marceau (This has to be true, Bill would never tell us a lie..) another important lesson that we learned in class was that “the higher the heel, the closer to God” which is always a good motto. But in all seriousness, although her class may seem like it’s a bunch of mime movements or weird body contortions, they have already helped me in my every day breathing in my every day posture and I’m sure they’re going to help me with my stage presence.

I thoroughly enjoy a movement class for the free range that we had to use our bodies and the stress from the day. I know it’s The first class that most of us have been the day, but it’s nice to set up our days in a way that make us more relaxed and open to what is going to come. I feel like every week of movement class is reminiscent of the week that we have as a group of students. We’re always learning, we’re building off of what we learned last week, were becoming more comfortable in our surroundings, and we’re able to trust and lean on each other more. I feel like this program is going to make everybody a lot of new friendships that we might not have necessarily been anticipating. Everybody is working towards the same goal and everybody is immensely talented, but I don’t think anybody expected us to become such a family in the short amount of time as we already have.

“Where there are frienda, there is wealth.”





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