Entry #2 : Update

The kid coped up better this time. The vaccination after effects made her fussy, cranky and clingy but she was manageable. She cut herself exactly where we put the bindi on Tuesday, Friday night it got healed completely.

I have been chatting with CD quite a lot and I love her. She is like my replica. We live parallel lives, she in the North, I in the South.

Hubby wants to try PR visa for Australia. That got me looking all into the how and whys of IELTS. It was fun.

I had initially planned to write a daily journal, but somehow my plan got jinxed.

This time next week I will be all set to depart to Bangalore. My flight is on 29 September. I have lived apart from my husband for close to eight months. It has been a roller coaster ride to put it mildly.

Today we went to Balaji temple. Kiddo was quiet for most of the visit and journey. It was a good trip. Also I had Gujarati thali after a long time. Probably my last 😀

I have to clean up my macbook before submitting it to office next week. Eeps.

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