Me want food.

O hey.

I’m babysitting j tonight so that my nanny family can have a date night. And I also have to throw it out there that I found out today that Colleen is having another baby and that I love them…! Oh how I search for ways to show them without being strange.

I’m feeling tired because we woke up somewhere within the 4 o’clock hour in order to hike blue lake and it was really nice. I love hiking, I could do it all day most days. But not everyday. I wish Cameron liked it more and I wonder if he knows how Whiney he is. Seriously, the guy is Whiney. He has really really big biceps and a very bitchy whine. K. Glad I could write that down so that I don’t feel like saying it to him as much. Journaling helps me with real world patience. I’m not sure that I have anything profound to say today. Sorry, no. I’m mostly having just primal feelings today. Hungry. Tired. Babies. Dry contacts.. Outdoors.

25 is a strange age.

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