Sunday afternoon thoughts

I don’t write every well but I have to put my thoughts down somewhere or I will just go insane. 

I am finding myself obsessed with this band.  All I can do is get on the internet or twitter and try to communicate with this band.  This band is worldwide.  I don’t know what I am thinking I would actually get to communicate with them especially one of the members.  They have been around for a couple years and I didn’t pay any attention to them before. I mean I knew of them and their music but I wasn’t obsessed with them like I am now.  It started about a month ago when I went to one of concerts.  Oh my goodness.  They blew me away.  Since that night the band has been my obsession.  It’s very sad I know and i don’t know what to.  No Im going around the country following them or anything like that. However I do find myself on my phone trying to Tweet, Vine, Instagram anything I can do just to see what they are doing or trying to communicate with them.  I believe I need help so I am hoping with me writing out my thoughts that it would help me get over this, I hope to be faze, part of my life.  The chance of me talking or meeting them would be like winning the lottery.  It’s never going to happen.  It’s crazy.  I am nothing to this band but in my mind I think I know them and in real life I don’t know nothing about them except that they put on a great concert and they sing very well.  None of my friends or family know of my obsession.  I know this is not normal and I really need to get a life and get over this group because like I’ve said before it’s not like anything would, will, or is  going to happen.

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