Dropping off the face of the earth because of weird flirting?

Wow, I have been gone a long time. Stuff has been distracting me lately. That stupid coughing thing that’s been going around; everyone in the house has it except for me and I’ve been doing my best to keep from getting it. Seriously, I went as far as buying surgical masks and the strongest disinfectant I could find. There isn’t a spot in this house that I haven’t cleaned.

Also, I have people constantly calling me and sending me emails about this book I’m wanting to get published. I don’t check my email for one day; when I do check it there was almost 5,000 emails! Do you know what that looks like? Do you know how overwhelming that is?! I’ve been pulling all nighters. When I finally did get two seconds to try and sleep, the neighbors dogs wouldn’t shut up. I went outside and literally screamed shut up every time one of those stupid things barked. I’m not crazy I swear!

On top of everything, two guys have been flirting with me and I really don’t like it. Not after what happened the last time I was with someone.The first guy is weird and says things that I don’t really like. He started calling me hun and we aren’t dating that’s weird, right? He also sends me hearts and stuff like that saying I’m beautiful and that he wants to meet me. We just met and you’re kinda creeping me out. And you really expect me to believe all the crap you’re spewing out when you’re constantly talking about “going to the club to find some bitches” really?!

The second guy I’ve known since high school and I kinda had a crush on him back then. He did too, but didn’t tell me! If only I knew… He’s in the military now and is so sweet, but I don’t think I should date him. Long distance relationships really don’t last. Well, that’s enough ranting I have two more chapters to crank out and edit tonight,

Signing off


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