Off to the races.

With each week comes something new to add on to the never ending “to do” list that is Grad school. From auditions, to assignments, to work, to even fun things like seeing shows and being with friends. It seems to never end, which most of the time, is a good thing. This never ending flow keeps us moving and motivated, but it does lead for some very lazy weekends when we finally have some time to crash. The movement of New York is almost like a drug. You need to move with the crowd or get left in the dust. This kind of movement is quite different from the movement we do in class, where we are encouraged to take the time to breathe everything in, and take things slowly, which is quite nice to have when the rest of our schedules practically force us to do the opposite.

Recently in class we have been talking about the Decrue method and becoming more in touch with our bodies by understanding how different movements of different parts of our bodies combine to make movements and gestures we perform on an almost regular basis. It’s nice to be able to reconnect with our own bodies in a way that makes us think. We’re also staring to feel like real mimes, which is something we have all been looking forward to learn. I would be lying to say that a secret wish of any of us wasnt to be able to do the “Mimi in a box” flawlessly.

However, like New York, and like our ever evolving schedules, each class we are able to add on more and more to what we have learned previously, which allows us to grow as students and as people. I always look forward to what we will be learning in each class, and I’m sure next week will be no different. So, until then.


“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

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