I’m letting the ‘small things’ get to me

I am well aware of that little known fact that ‘we’ as the ‘better half’ of the general public, the ‘more logical, common sense thinkers’  aren’t suppose to let the ‘little things’ get to us . However, when it just seems to come at you all at once, from every direction it can be both pretty subtle & pretty hard/or difficult. I’m the type of person who doesn’t let ‘it all out’ little by little, I am known for ‘holding it all in’ and allowing it to all build up until I allow it to explode. Here lately I have been meditating in order to keep my sanity. Yet for some reason I haven’t been able to find the time nor opportunity to meditate, so I’ve been taking it out on the ‘online, multiplayer pool games. However, they’re even getting to me when they cheat at the game, which is quite frequently here lately !

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