My Addiction

Its not a drug, or a drink, its a touch and a feeling. Its a rush only my sweet, morbid addiction can bring me. A fleeting embrace with this blessed poison can set me straight for days, and keep me sane until we meet again.

My sweet addiction, you are my savior, my love, my shining night. When we touch the troubles fade away and I am free off all restraint as long as I rest in your arms. When I am wrapped in your voice, its like music that floods my ears, and over takes my senses, thought fades away and all I remain is reaction. I react to your touch, your voice, your scent, and all of it leaves me breathless.

My blissful addiction, you light my world, and hold my heart hostage. When I am lost in your embrace, you become my my world, you hold me high, above the rest and invoke a blessed euphoria that makes all my fears disappear. And, once again I am weightless, lost within your hazel eyes as you speak, your words so soft and sweet, telling me things only whispered in the dark of the night, and I embrace the heightened beat of my shattered heart. And soon, you let  me go, you leave me alone to face the world… But I hold you near my heart…

You, my Alex, are my only brutal addiction

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