Sometimes I feel the…

Sometimes, I feel the pain.

Sometimes I feel the pleasure.

Sometimes I feel the blood.

Sometime I feel the taste.

I cannot help who I am.

Delicious, it hurts so bad.

The lust grows stronger.

I find myself hungry for abuse.

Addicted, addiction, addict. There I said it. I SAID IT.

Pain with a purpose, the purpose…is pain.

Am I insane? Do I belong here with all of these wild creatures?

They make me sick. Purely disgusted, I begin to retch.

What does normal feel like? 

If I slice a dagger though my beating heart, will I be normal?

Let all the bad energy out, let it run down my chest. 

Beating, beating, beating heart. 

Silence…I hear nothing. 

I am nothing, but a body, shake me I am nothing.

Let me disintegrate.

All feelings halt. you cannot touch me. 

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