this is who i am

u think u know who i am

but ur definition dont define the real me

this is who i am

& this is who i will continue to be

they say im this and they say that im that

but bitches dont know the real fckn facts

my lifes been a struggle

my hearts been crumbled

my mind aint straight im on another level

livin in a van for the longest

my moms sister kicked us to the curb

half of my family i dont even claim

where the fck were they when i was in pain

& where were they when i had no food to eat

they werent there then i dont need them now

&& i can keep on explaing why this is who i am

he said it wasnt wrong

 i was hurt at a young age

the kissin nd the touchin

ppl i cant even explain

&& many dont wanna hear it yet i wont say names

my momma says she hurts so much

yet where was she when i had my first cut

i use to think no one really gave a fuck

this aint the time to lie i use to cut my wrist

my sister seen the scars on my hips

i begged her not to tell

but i was wishing i was dead

u think my life is easy losing my dad at 17

i use to wake and smoke away

i use to snort the white lady

i use to take pills

and picture me beyond the hills

these aint suicidal thoughts

nahh this is who i am

a lost girl looking for the attention my parents once gave

hoping to see my father out of his grave

but mostly ths is who i am

the one who hasnt succceeded in takin her life

the one who needs that one sorry and appology

this is me not giving a fck what ppl have to say.


2 thoughts on “this is who i am”

  1. Sounds like me at a younger age. I am still a cutter I’m 33. And BTW still living in my own personal hell. Good luck!

  2. one day everything will be better just hang in there… my lifes bee crazy for these past 18 yrs…

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