Fly safe…

Hand in hand. Attached, glued… Locked up. A smile forever peinted on the lips. A warmed up heart with thrilled heart beats racing faster than the starlights up in the wide sky of a causy night. Shining eyes any time ready to let go those fragile tears fall down my heated cheeks. Burning cheeks. Foolish thoughts going through my wild mind and shuting me down from the world all around. That is how I felt each time you layed your eyes on me. This is a glance of what goes through me any time you stood by my side. I have always looked up to you, ever since you have shaken my entire universe. You have slowly got into me, till you bit by bit became the greatest part of me. I let you in and you were more than welcome. I can’t let you go. I refuse to let you go… Still, I know there is not much I can do about it but swallow all of it in and grief later. Later as you won’t be here. I want to show you the strong person in me, which is for some reason probably hidden deep inside and waiting for a serious crisis similar to this one to come out and gleam. I want you to know you can count on me. I do not want to be this burden holding you back. You deserve to fly free & I will always be the light in your dark nights.

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