She was very young when the world was introduced to her and was in her hands. The decision was hers, so were the mistakes. She was expected to put a smile on her face even when she didn’t want to . That’s what her family taught her. I guess you could say she had a decent childhood . Living without her father and her mother working the double shift to maintain her. As she grew she saw that every other girl had their dad there , when she didn’t . She was suicidal at a young age, she wanted to end it all . No one ever understood why because they never wanted to be inside her and feel her pain . Its hard to live a happy life when she wanted her daddy , she wanted to feel comfort and love. She expected to be perfect at such a young age. She worried if she fitted the society image of the “perfect” girl . She had to have long luscious hair nope , skinny nope she’s fat , perfect nails nope, perfect boobs and ass nope, pretty face nope. She thought she was hideous and fat , she would cry her eyes out because she wanted to be normal  . But different is great , yes she wasn’t skinny but she had curves like  no one else. The “cool kids” were doing drugs, smoking and drinking . She wanted to be a part of it also . So she did , she was the popular slut girl for a while . She’d date practically the whole school . She smoked weed, got high , got drunk , slept with guys . One day day she found out she was pregnat so she was sent somewhere far far away from existence. Her beautiful baby girl was born , her name is Emma❤ . Her parents sold them to another family , and locked her away for what seemed years. Then she came back and everyone laughed . She cuts now , she digs in deeper and deeper every time . Everyday after school she would grab the razor and especially cut her stomach . She hated her figure even if i thought it was perfect . She would only drink now, to “take the pain away” . She was 13 going onto 14 just a year younger than me . Finally on a beautiful summer day god gained an angel . She cut too deep , drank too much, swallowed too much pills. Her parents suffered for her loss. Saying why she would do this , they never understood . They never knew who their daughter was, never asked what she liked , how she was. Her baby girl is safe . without a mother but safe is loving family hands. Theys till suffer today . That girl was my cousin .

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