ultrasound…take 1

So we went for our ultrasound on the 23rd. Not as bad as I had expected, thankfully. If memory serves correctly I had about 5 eggs on the right ovary and I think only 1 on the left. (Dear Lord it’s hard not to write this like I’m charting…went for an u/s and had 5 on the R ovary. Ha!) Only 3 or 4 measured over 18 which the lady explained is what we want. If i went home that night and did the injection I would ovulate in 36 hrs and come back to do the IUI. All the smaller ones more than likely would not mature in time to actually be ovulated. However, that still leaves me with the possiblity of having 3-4 babies…if they didn’t go off and do something crazy like split into more. Talk about scary!! I have a single baby uterus thank you!! We are still waiting to hear from the doctor as to what she thinks I should do for this next go round. Maybe we can reduce the amount or the number of days I take the comid, otherwise we would forgo that cycle and wait till the next one. After initially talking to the doctor, Monica and I agreed that if there was a potential to have more than 3 babies we would not inseminate on the grounds that it wouldn’t be safe for me or even more for the baby/babies. It would put me at risk for pre-term labor and the babies for developmental and health issues in multiple regards. And as any parent’s case you always want to give you child the best life they can have and have them born a healthy baby.

We still have a few more weeks before we attempt anything but time is definitely going by fast and in a blink of an eye it’ll be time to try. We are both super nervous but still excited. We are both just happy to know that the medication worked. Hopefully we will hear something soon. Until then it’s time to try and get my body all fixed up so I can hopefully have a healthy pregnancy. I am going in on 10/7 to have the nerves on the L side of my back ablated. I am hoping that will help the pregnancy be a little less strenuous and and painful on my back. I don’t know if I will have time to do anything about my neck in time, but something is better than nothing.

So here’s to hoping for a green light and positive results on the first try on baby P 🙂



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