After the Doctor

So I went to the Dr last Thursday. He listened to my problems, told me I am a normal woman, took my blood and sent me home. He tested for Thyroid, Blood Sugar and Blood Count. I got a call yesterday that it all came back in the normal range so it is just me. He wants to change my diet and wants me to exercise more. For my diet, he wants me to remove caffeine and salt and wants me to start walking for 45 min 3 times a week.

I just don’t get it. There IS something more wrong. I know my body and a person should not be fighting sleep 24 hours a day everyday (with a few good exceptions) and have chronic neck and shoulder pain. There are more symptoms but I’ll spare you the whine since I have no cheese to offer. I make sure to get plenty of sleep each night and haven’t been drinking or doing anything that would prohibit my normal ability to function. Yet, I have been sitting here freezing cold and in pain all day. I need to make an appointment at my regular doctor. I was sure that this had to do with my periods because it seems to get so much worse during that time. But maybe it is all of the usual symptoms sitting on top of normal PMS symptoms that is causing me to feel so overwhelmed and out of control. I will set up an appointment with my regular Dr soon. Though I don’t know that there is much they can do… I can’t afford the best Dr and my insurance is shit! So, wish me luck. This week I am starting the week before my period. I am hoping to keep the irritability and freak outs to a minimum. I am so glad I have Brian to help me through this and put up with my craziness- since apparently that is what’s wrong with me. If anyone can tell me what they think or has been through it, please help!!!!

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