Not Feeling Good

So lately I’ve been feeling pretty lousy, it seems like the cirrhosis is getting worse or something. My energy is low, and even drinking a couple of Rockstar energy drinks a day doesn’t help. I’m able to walk some, but when I sit down all I can really do is veg. I can’t think clearly, and it takes a few minutes to remember what month it is even when I try. Today I have a headache, those are becoming frequent where I used to never get them, and lately I’ve been getting nauseous for no apparent reason, and waking up nauseous in the mornings.  My body has a strange odor to it a lot of the time.  Thursday I go to Harborview for an upper endoscopy, Margaret my friend is going with me because I have to have someone there or else they won’t do it. The way I feel lately is pretty lousy.

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