from my view…. the way we are

Sometimes I sit and wonder how we came to be so ignorant with each other

its like I cant even look u in the eyes

my heart says I love u my mind tries to let go

we just fight, argue and stress

I don’t wanna take this anymore

all the disrespect and bullshyt

my mind is set to where I wanna be in life

I know I want u,… but do u want me

what is It that u cant be happy that Im here

I changed for the better

u left what u had for something bigger

what happned to always and forever

its like when u said that u meant always nd fornever

I just wish things were like they were 10 months ago..

before u lied..

before u broke what we had..

this bond we built has melted

I guess the chain just didn’t click

I hope u see what im trying to say

me and u…  better one day

not now I guess

ur stuck dwelling on the past..

well maybe im just ready to leave what we have there too

im not ashamed of what I did

but u must be more than me

I don’t know how much more to change

either take me as I am or watch me as I go

cuz wat me nd u have is nothing to u but a show…


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