i’m the hero

someone told me that i don’t need a hero all i need is me
and he/she opened my eyes to something that i don’t need friends to be happy i just need to believe Β in me and i have to be my own hero and i have to rescue my self because life is worth living but i get to choose how i wanna live it
because life is what i make it
Thank you whoever you are for that advise :*

One thought on “i’m the hero”

  1. We all need friends. But that person was right. I read the post earlier and agreed with them. Learning to love yourself is the hardest thing a person can do. Especially if you’ve been told you aren’t anything or can’t do anything all your life. Weeding out the bad relationships will take time. Learning to be happy with yourself when you are alone is the key. Because without you, you have no one. Believe good things will come your way and try to always look in the positive side even in bad situations. Keep posting. I’ll be looking in on you to see how you are doing. πŸ™‚

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