Jst an Introduction:


I’ve always been pretty good at expressing my feelings and putting them into words. Now lets not get the wrong idea, not being conceited or anything but its okay to toot your own horn, well sometimes! lol This brings me back to a long time ago maybe sometime in the year 2000, one of our neighbors was moving states. This led our family to inherit a few of their belongings one of them being a very old computer. When I say old I mean OLD! This was the first time we’ve had a computer at home. At that time computers were expensive and there was no way in hell my parents were willing to waste that much money on one. We never did get internet on that ancient thing but lord did I use paint and notepad on that dinosaur! Anyway… I guess that is when I discovered my love for writing. Before we go into that I would like to talk about myself a tad bit.

I am the middle child of 3. I have an older sister about 26 and a little brother (not so little but still my baby) of 19. I cant complain about my mother and father, bc growing up we never lacked a place to sleep, food, or any essentials. Although my parents tried their best to understand us, in a mental state. They never truly did. They were raised the old fashion Mexican way. I’ve always felt like the glue in our family, the one keeping everyone together and everything in tact. The one who always made sure everyone had what they needed and everyone was always okay. I like this feeling. I guess I kinda weirdly enjoy being needed. Even though we have our ups and downs there is not one thing I wouldn’t do for my two siblings.

I had a pretty normal life growing up, middle school, High School and now of course college. After changing my major a million times, I think I’ve decided what I want to be……. a therapist/Psychiatrist of some sort. I think that’s definitely something I’ve always been good at, or so I’ve been told. I enjoy getting to know people, reading them and truly figuring out who they are inside. Everyone has a different personality when you actually take the time to dig in deep. I enjoy making people happy, I’ve always been so unselfish and so concerned with what others are feeling that I’ve lost most touch with my inner self. Sometimes I sit and wonder about myself. Sometimes I wonder my reason for being put in this world? I’d really like to know, but for now I guess I’ll jst have to be patient, something I hate being. I am the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet so hard headed but I guess that’s what makes me ME!


Well I think that’s all for tonight…… Hopefully not so bad for my first blog.

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  1. Hi there. My name is Tina. And wanted to welcome you and hope you find your time here inspiring and enjoyable. I am still kind of new here myself. But please feel free to stop by my page and say hi or leave a message if you’d like. Again welcome. Have a great night. Tina.

  2. Hey Tina!
    Thank you for welcoming me, I’ve jst started using this site, & I really like it:) I try to blog as much as I can buy it does become difficult with such a busy schedule. 🙂

    Thank you again!

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