A couple of the wires in my heart are broke.

“Some of you walked into my life & made it better, others walked out and made it F**ng Fantastic.” -KidCudi

I put all of myself into everything I do, Every attempt is passionate jst like every failure is disappointing.

I don’t know exactly why or how but I somehow, some odd way continue to look for the positive in others, even when it allows them to hurt me repeatedly. I will give second, third, fourth, fifth chances if there is even the slightest hope that there has been a change.

I always put so much effort into people, and it ends up being wasted. I always end up getting too attached, too fast, and getting hurt. I guess I should try to keep myself a little more guarded.

Ill admit this myself, I’ve never been too much of a people person, I much rather spend my time alone. Although I will admit that once in a while, (special occasions) someone will walk into my life, and for a reason that I myself cant explain, I tend to care. Most of the time I care more than I think I should. I cant really explain why, certain people bring this feeling out of me. I call them “Heart Takers” I’m drawn to making them happy. I spend my time of thinking “How can I make this person better? What makes this person smile? Its like an addiction. It goes further than just my thoughts, these people tend to stick to my heart. Even when I cant find the way to help myself, I will always find a way to help them.

Once one of these “Heart takers” walk into my life, the cycle repeats itself. It just seems like nobody is really meant to stick around for the long run. Nothing lasts forever, no matter how it feels today.

I will give you the shirt off my back, My last dime, the keys to my car, an ear to listen,& a shoulder to cry on, If I think you need them more than I do.

I expect myself to be a good friend & hold myself to high expectations. I am however human, I make mistakes & sometimes I don’t meet these expectations. Unfortunately I hold others to these same expectations as well, and they rarely ever meet them. I think I’ve stopped believing in people, and trusting them bc I hate being disappointed, that’s exactly why I stopped relying on others.

I am an open book. Ask me anything & I will be completely honest with you. Nothing good ever comes from a lie, and I can almost Always tell when I’m being lied to.

Its so easy to win my affection, very difficult to lose it. Depending on the circumstances that can either be good or bad.

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