My crush

I dont know what should do!! I really really really  like this guy but i dont know if he likes me back. He is sending mixed signals!! I am thinking about just ending everything… There is no reason for me to be wasting my time on somebody who doesnt give two shits about me!! Why should i?? Why should i care about him if he doesnt care about me?? He flirts with me on Wednesdays when we are on the church van but he is always high! I dont think it is acctually him ya know? He was a little up there… And when i was about to get off… like right when we got to my neghbors house…he put my head on his shoulder because was sad (i didnt want to go home yet) and he just started talking to me!! he never does that!! But when we are in school he avoids me completely!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???

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