Mind safe

When I was 4 years old I created this safe in my mind and two days ago i opened it. Everything is all coming back at once like a race to the finish and all my worst memories want to win. It’s getting harder to keep them back. They all want to be remembered and I just want them to disappear. I know that if I let them get to the front of my mind I will never be the same and I can’t let that happen. Everyone loves the person I am now or they have gotten used to how I am. I can’t destroy all the memories and I can’t keep them back. I can’t let them destroy me the way everything has tried to. I need to close the safe but my memories are stronger than me. I need to fight with all I have and prove that I can fight it off and that I won’t be controlled by my mind. My mother always used “Mind over matter” now I see what she meant back then.

2 thoughts on “Mind safe”

  1. Something I learned at your age was you can’t walk around the fire. You have to walk through it or you will never be able to get past it. It is tough. Remember it is by the depths of our sorrows that we know our joys (don’t know who said that first but it’s a good one). I through a lot growing up and now later in life I can appreciate it because it made me a better, more compassionate and caring person. It is a daily commitment for me to remain positive and happy, and there will always be those times when you fall back into the abyss of pain. It just gets easier to crawl out over time. Hang in there is a time coming when you will be your own person and able to be more in charge of your life and choices.

  2. I think that you’re really brave to speak your mind. Don’t care if everyone else says that you’re weird. Just keep being the strong, unique, beautiful you.

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