Fake friends and worries

I know the ignorance of my fake friends is supposed to get better in college. I just don’t want to be the only one second semester dying of loneliness while everyone has the time of the life. I worked the hardest for it, for sure, so shouldn’t I have fun to? I just don’t have anyone to have fun with. The fact that I’ll see pictures of it all posted on social media 24/7 won’t help much either. If only I can just fast forward this entire senior year and summer straight to when I’m in college. I don’t even need a break, because breaks make me feel lonely and worse.

2 thoughts on “Fake friends and worries”

  1. I like your entry. You are definitely not alone in feeling the way that you do. Please know that you are wise beyond your years! Do not change, for it is people like you who will end up being successful. I would rather be friends with an introvert any day than an extrovert! You have more real substance and it is not all for show! Stay true to yourself. Good luck with stuff 🙂

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