The Car Owners

From now onwards, two more families in my vicinity are going to have sleepless nights. During the day they look happy, rushing, cheerful and confident but as the day is called off and it becomes dark, their faces fall dim. They get worried about the cars they just bought and they have to be parked outside their buildings, on the road. Monkeys might jump on them and leave dents. Some other passing car could rub it and leave some bruises or may be some car thieves arriving the hills from the plains to raid the car and steal some parts of it or the entire car.
The road, once a bridle path, is losing its charm, gradually as a number of vehicles are trying to find a space on its sides. The foliage on the lower portion of the hillsides has thinned in last few years and the ground has got some unusual marks of wheels and dark spots because of the oil dropped on it.

Every morning I see people struggling to remove their vehicles to go to their work places. Since they own cars now so they think they can move faster but on this narrow path they get stuck with each other and get late.

The same chaos can be seen in the evening when they return. The struggle is to find the right place for parking and the one who returns first he finds the best place. One another family in the neighborhood has got more than one cars, perhaps four but they have their own parking space so they are not the part of the fight. They cause troubles to people when they have move on the main road.

I as a Walking Tour Guide, walk uphill every morning to reach the hotel Cecil or some other hotel, wherever my clients are putting up, so to meet them and take them on a walking trip.
And, when these car owners see me walking uphill with my backpack sometime, they stop and offer me a lift. I try to refuse but also do not want to disappoint them to accept their offer for some distance. As the car approaches the main road it gets stuck in traffic jam. Here I offer my heartiest thanks for their help and get off the car to walk to the hotel and reach before them.

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