Time to get a life?

So 4th attempt at writing this entry and hopefully this one might be successful! It’s unfortunate that i am starting to feel more and more like this women (and the worst part she’s having more sex). Not to mention the fact that this particular hibernation technique is one i  have also perfected myself over these  christmas holidays.

I should mention I HATE CHRISTMAS! Over-  rated and far too much hard work,  annoying and forced  family get together’s with family you  have not seen for  the entire year that has preceded it, at  which you then  have to pretend to be happy for the sake of  everyone else.  Hate it, I can only hope that one day i might  have the christmas that I imagine to be perfect, which will  be hugely different to the military precision operation that I am forced to attend on yearly basis at the moment. You can tell it’s been christmas because i need a cigarette more than i do at any other time in the year, and the temptation to smoke out the window like a teenager is over whelming. Plus it’s far too hot in this room!!


Okay so that was last night, i fell asleep and left the laptop on so this was still sitting on my screen unpublished the next morning. Well i’m pissed this morning as i was hoping my wages would have gone in but they haven’t STILL!! N so it looks like i won’t be getting my hair and stuff done anytime soon and going to London is definitely out the question now. =( Oh well that’s one way to force me to save money. =( I should be doing NVQ work but it seems that i keep getting distracted wand wasting my life watching endless re-runs of Judge Judy! There is defiantly no question that i need to make some new friends. I need to find a hobby! I actually miss Jess loads i only met her about a year ago now, but a lot can happen in a year!! I hate how much her mum always has to ruin things for her. Why can’t she just let her be happy? Another annoying thing I can’t find anything half decent to do for NYE this year! Which sucks i wanted to do something awesome and exiting!!

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