Gathering of Poets on new Year’s Day

Today, it was 9 am, the first morning of the New Year 2015 and my phone buzzed. It was Mr. Ranjeev Pant, an eminent Hindi poet from Shimla and once a good friend of my father.

‘Sumit, there is a gathering of poets in Aashiana and we are going to have a small poetic symposium too. I have recommended you name as well so kindly be there at 11 am.’ said Mr. Pant.

‘Oh yes, why not sir, I shall be right there in time’

It has happened to me many times. Punctuality is the spice of my life and I suffer as well because of this. I was there at 11 and I was the only one to reach there. I decided to  go back and suddenly I saw Mr. Sharma, the organizer coming from the opposite direction. We entered the restaurant and occupied the seats. The next one to come and join us was Vandana Rana, a poetess from Shimla who works for All India Radio.

Gradually some more came up and including Mr. Pant, Mr. CRB Lalit, Mr. Tejram Sharma and some more the total number of poets was 12, eventually. Later Mr. Avtar Singh –  a Sikh poet also came and showed the copy of his Novel Purushpura – a story weaved arounf the life in Peshawar – in Pakistan. The symposium went very well, also was covered by TV 100, to be aired the same evening.

I was the only one to recite Gazal, a form of Urdu poetry, and rest of them were Hindi poets with their poems. Mr. Pant was always the heart hacker with his amazing style of poetry, this time the title was ‘Machhliyan’ – a great satire on Hydro projects deteriorating the nature’s beauty in the hills.

I received a great appreciation from Mr. Tejram Sharma, Mr. CRB Lalit, mr. Pant and from Mr. Avtar Singh for my Gazals. Mr. Tejram said that he would like to have an exclusive sitting with me to hear my poetry. That was a great pat on my back.

I thanks the almighty for providing me this lovely opportunity and having started my new year at such a good note.


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