New year.. New me?

Okay so literally just signed up to this website and if im honest i dont really know what to expect.. But seeing as it is now 2015 i thought i may as well start to be a better person right? or at least try to be..

The last 20 years of my life has had its moments both good and bad.. but ive never really been the woman i inspire to be.. then again im near sure every woman will have this outlook on life..

Im no writer and i apologise in advance for my spelling and grammer.. it can be just as bad as my life so far which over time youll see how badly it went.. which i know i know is not something you will want to read most likely but i want to rant about my life and how i plan to change it so i will in time im sure.. thats why i set up this account after all.. because writing about my problems on a website like this is alot more practical than talking to someone face to face if im honest.. plus i kind of got the idea off the tv show awkward.. i know how sad can i get haha but thats actually where i got the idea to start doing this.. even tho i have no clue whatsoever where to start or what websites you do these kind of posts but i guessed an online diary is a good start?

Anyways back to the topic at hand.. i say this every year.. new year new me blah blah blah… and thats exactly the approach im taking AGAIN.. Although i actually want to try and achieve my goals this year.. usually i just let my depression get the better of me and give up before i even try..

So first things first.. im going to blog my life or write to this journal about my past my present and obviously i cant write about my future im not a physic unfortunatly.but i will write about my goals for the future or stuff i know planned for the future etc.. as usual im rambling on.. im good at that if anything lols.. good start i know.. but i really think that expressing myself and my life problems on here will really help me and i would love to get feedback of anyone that reads my pointless blogs.. (if any)..

Alright im completely ranting on about next to nothing and probly boring anyone who attempts to read this.. its currently 3am and im sitting up writing this.. sums up how my life is going at the moment haha..

so far new year same me

Goodnight x

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