The first week of my holiday had gone by so fast. With Hazel Eyes, of course – a lot has been going on.

Hmm, let’s see. On Monday, Hazel Eyes and I needed to finish our school reports. We left quickly after that, because we had to check a store in Glodok. Unfortunately, the store was already close in the evening, though, so we ended up going to the central part of the city by cab together. Hazel Eyes had wanted to check Mangga Dua out, but the traffic was so bad that night that we decided to stop by and have dinner at Cafe Batavia. YAY! It was a bit pricey, but I didn’t care. It wasn’t something I’d do everyday.

The pasta was nice and the mint tea was cool, really sweet too. The ice cream? Fantastic!

We had a nice stroll around Kota Tua (The Old Town) after that, checking out alternative street entertainment around us (merchants and mimes). Some people were dancing, biking, or just walking and looking around – talking like what we did that night.

We went home by train. It was fun!

We went to Mangga Dua the next day, where Hazel Eyes bought three polo shirts and three shorts. We had lunch at the food court.

We had dinner at Aphrodite with our friend Adam on Christmas Eve. There was a celebration there, so we ended up enjoying the free entertainment on stage. A group of orphans were caroling – and they were so good that Hazel Eyes had almost burst in tears.

Gary was there too, but he didn’t sit with us. He preferred sitting at the pub – close to the beers, haha!

Johnny Scarface, the guy I’d once had a crush on, was sitting at the table next to mine. Surprise, surprise! It had been months since I last saw him. We first met at our friend Steph’s farewell dinner and karaoke night sometime back in April 2014. He’d shown up with his sulky girlfriend Fairuz.

That night, he told me that he’d broken up with her. However, she was still there too – with him and his family.

Wow. That must be really awkward.

Anyway, Hazel Eyes and I went to Pejaten Village on Christmas Day. Then we went to Blok M and Kemang Village – where we watched “Night of The Museum 3”.

            On Sunday, we had lunch with my family again – this time in GM, PIM 1.

On Monday after that week, Hazel Eyes was still working. I mostly worked on my writing. On Tuesday, we went to Jatinegara with my brother to purchase some gears for Hazel Eyes’ bike.

After that, we had dinner at Burger and Grill in Tebet.

I spent New Year’s Eve with Begz, Mel, Tommy, and Sherly from The Writers’ Club. We stayed at Old Batavia Capsule Hotel in Cikini. We had a long walk to Bunderan HI and back. We stopped by at Suropati Park for a while – twice. There were street art performances there – mostly singing and poetry.

All in all, it was fun.

By the way, Happy New Year 2015 and Happy Birthday, Our Great Prophet Muhammad SAW. (May peace be upon his resting soul.)





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