All well-dressed up everyday

Never let any flaws get in your way

to perfection, your ultimate destination.


Your camera’s ready

You’re bubbling with excitement and glee,

thinking: “This is me.

I’ve got to look always so pretty!”


Click, click!

Don’t forget to use that stick.

No need to care if you make them feel sick.


Here, there, and everywhere

Flash your smile; show them what you wear

Let’s hope that they’ll also compliment your hair


Don’t they know?

You’re the superstar of your only show

Perhaps they’re just being too slow

If they’d look closely, they might love you so


Click, click!

You’re still relying on that stick

No need to care if they think you’re a freak

Perhaps someday, you’ll have fans who shriek


You’re still the star of your own personal show

yet you’re also the only audience,

waiting for more attention

like the noisy beats without the dance


Can’t they see that you’re so pretty?

They know you’re so lonely

You’re the most stunning diva in your perfect little world

Outside, they might think you’re just another, ordinary girl


Is your camera still ready?

Don’t forget to recharge the battery



(Jakarta, 3/1/2015 – 9:00 am)


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