Well hello there


When I was little I used to write stories all the time. I loved writing. Whenever I came home from school I would just go right to Word (where I wrote my stories) and continue my story or start a new one if I felt like it. However, when I grew older I stopped doing that. I don’t know why – maybe because I didn’t have enough fantasy anymore, or maybe because I didn’t have enough time anymore. Anyway, I stopped.

About a year later I started writing again. I started out with writing stories again, but I soon realized that writing stories doesn’t really suite me (anymore). (not that I was good at it..) So I started a journal. I wrote it on OneNote, password protected.
But then I got a new laptop and I stopped completely.

And now, once again, I want to start writing. I guess that’s all I wanted to say. And guess what? I’ll do it in public on this website I’m going to discover the moment I upload this post. I’m going to read other public diaries and see whether I like it or not.

So. That’s about it.

Sleep tight.

One thought on “Well hello there”

  1. You know, I’m actually very similar to you–I wrote pages and pages of unfinished stories on Word in a few years. And then I kind of stopped and now I mostly just write journals and the occasional unfinished novel. Glad to meet you, anyway, and I’m glad that you’ve taken up writing things again.

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