Hooping Time Capsule

This entry will serve as a time capsule in my Hoop Journey. Something I can look back on one year from now.  On December 28th I was inspired to buy my first hoop. I was on a budget and had only $40 in my pocket, but after watching you tube for hours i think i may have become obsessed with hoop dancing. So, I went to Walmart and they did not have any adult sized hoops, except for the 2.5 lbs weighted fitness hoop. It was true in the size i needed but it is too heavy to do much with (Hoop trick wise).  And i was just so damn excited i went ahead and bought the fitness hoop for $20. I thought to myself “this can work until I can buy a dance hoop (or make one). So i took it home with me, snapped the pieces together, moved the tables back and with little one running around i found it hard to find the time or space to hoop. but oceshe took a nap the next day I picked up my new hoop.

I started to waist hoop and i felt like i could have a lot of fun. I turned with my hoop and i felt like I was a kid again, like the hoop was a part of me. I turned on some music and went with it. Just about 2 days later with some practice i learned how to lasso the hoop and transition the hoop to my waist and from my waist up. I bring my hoop outside where i felt more free (and cold) but it was worth it, i kept practicing the transition and i felt a sense of accomplishment and well being.


I bought my 2 year old daughter her own hoop so she didn’t feel left out, she seen how much fun i was having and i caught her trying to hoop and dance. It makes me feel great knowing she is having fun and enjoys it. As I continue my hoop journey, I hope our experience grows together and make it even more worth the while.

I just cant wait for it to warm up so we can get outside more often and have more room to play with my hoop (and my daughter), she is too cool. 🙂

I hope someday i inspire other to pick up a hoop a share their experiences.


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