Jan 4th, 2015 (AKA oops…)

So…  I missed a day.  New years resolution has been broken!
In my defence, I spent a full 12 hours at Zach’s place very much asleep so by the time I got home I was quite dead.
Also, apparently people actually read these????  And like them????????  Thank you guys for reading and commenting and stuff!  It’s super lovely of you all!

-Got through 1 1/4 Lord of the Rings movies.  Don’t try to watch three 3 hour long movies at once, it’s a bad idea
-Did basically nothing for a long time.  It didn’t feel like nothing but it was
-Zach learned you can’t put fizzy drinks in things that are airtight like mason jars with straws attached.  That causes a wonderful explosion of deliciousness
-EXTREMELY AWKWARD DINNER GOOD LORD!!!  I’m not good with new people at the best of times but when they start arguing about religion it gets far scarier and I start shaking apparently
-Also apparently I don’t eat much I never knew until last night
-Zach’s entire life is documented on DVD’s and they are absolutely hilarious!
-His dog is my one true love

-Zach (of course) and his family.  They were so lovely and accommodating!
-Fairy bread.  It is truly magical.
-J.R.R. Tolkien.  Thanks for those books dude.  They made them into some awesome movies.

Now on to today.
I did nothing.  That sounds like an exaggeration.  But it is not.  I literally did nothing.  I woke up at 3pm (my sleeping isn’t normal at the moment I need to get that under control) and spent the rest of the day doing nothing of value.
I think I’ll go down to the op shop tomorrow.  They usually have some awesome stuff plus it’s dirt cheap and I am one broke girl.

-Anna Akana.  I had forgotten how awesome her youtube videos were.  She’s a pretty big inspiration to me at the moment
-My friend Shan.  On New Years Eve I sorta left a group convo that a lot of my friends are in because man oh man am I a dick when I’m depressed!  And today I was like ‘nope this has gone far enough’ and she was online and generally chill so I messaged her and she added me back and it was glorious!
-Food!!!  I missed having it in my house but just the knowledge that I can go to my kitchen and make toast or a bowl of cereal is awesome!  (I think I’ll get some cereal soon actually I’m kinda hungry)(It is 11:55pm I will regret this move)

Thank y’all so much for reading the last entry and being nice and stuff, it really means a lot <3
Have a happy tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Haha really funny journal littlebirdie!! So cool that you like Lord of the Rings too–I love them all! And it truly is kind of a bad idea to watch three-hour-long movies at once, especially when you’re watching them on laptops like me–totally dizzying. Anyway, I really like reading your journals and I hope you don’t quit writing them!! Stay happy 🙂

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