newyears resolution

So the first week of December 2014 and the first week of January 2015 , everyone is writing a list of a newyear , new me But for how long does this really last 2 weeks , a month maybe 3 months if your lucky.

Have you ever wondered why our new years resolutions dont last ? Maybe its because we keep making list of :

1. I want to loose weight .

2.Be a better person , be kind.

3. Find love

And so on and on and on ,

Have you ever wondered by the end of that year what happened to my list of resolutions ?

Guess what you might have achieved them , or even went further away from them , why , cause its not things that are truly important to you OR you right the list and read it over and tell yourself : ive made a mental note ill rememeber everything I wrote but you DON’T cause with lifes hard days , long hours , running and never smelling the roses thjngs like a resolution slip your mind.

So wright a list , but dont make it a resolution list , make it a list of goals , and dreams

Put it on your fridge , on you cupboard something you look at everyday and as the year goes wright more things that you want to achieve in 2015 , and remove as litlle as possible cause face it we change , what we want on the 31ste of December at 1 O’clock is a big difference to what you would want by the middle of the year.

So have a great year keep your expectations that you will achieve what you want and keep believing in youself and other’s….

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