Thanks Dad

It is almost four days now, I am in the fit of writing poetry, repairing my earlier written poems and trying to learn some more techniques of writing. Gazal, a form of Urdu poetry really requires serious technical skills to write it. It is written in the form of ‘shers’ – couplets. Every couplet with two lines and a complete Gazal requires at least five couplets. Then it has many other requirements such as Matlaa – the first sher, Maktaa – the last sher with the name of the poet in it, Radeef – its rhyming words, Kafiya its repeating word, Beher – its meter and much more. Kafiya has to perfect as this is the game of matraa – the vowels, and if even a half matraa is absent the sher is either considered as incomplete or out of beher.

For a poet it is a challenge to write poetry with such techniques but once you have learnt to do so, you get intoxicated with it and remain under the fit of it. The way, the expressions are disclosed through a Gazal, is just mind blowing. After completing it one also needs a special skill to recite it. The pronunciation of its Urdu words, one by one, with a stress on every word brings a unique flavor to the listener. Many famous poets have left special marks in the history of Gazal writing by the way they have expressed their feelings.

My father was a perfect Urdu poet and is still known in the world of ‘Adab’ – literature. I feel proud when people still speak high of him and his poetry. Although he never taught me anything and never encouraged me to be a writer but he failed to stop me from doing so. Today I am called to attend the poetic symposiums to recite my poetry. When appreciated, many of the poets present over there say that I have the effect of my father’s way of writing.

I feel proud that people still remember him and regard him a lot. Thanks Dad for leaving such a great Heritage for me.

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