Ode to the Written Word

     This site gives me some form of hope. Even when no one replies, I just feel better writing. I have really stepped away from it. Even after I abandoned my beautiful home, it still welcomes me with  warm smiles. Not asking where I have been, just filling my pockets with ease and joy. I love you, writing. You hold the monologues of the lonely, hymns of the broken, symphonies of the wounded. Just like the mother you are, you patch them up, wipe the scuff off their face, and open a place for them into your heart. Writing, no matter how far I stray from you, no matter how much I turn my back to you, know I will always love you. 

-Alyssa Rackley

2 thoughts on “Ode to the Written Word”

  1. Wow, you totally described what writing is to me too…no matter how long I stop, I know I’ll always come back to writing my weird books that no one wants to read.

  2. You call yourself a loser, but someone with intelligence, who has the ability to write and express your feelings as well as you, is definitely not a loser. Thanks for sharing.

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