Oh, how I love school

Today I went to school again after a break of two weeks. How fun. Even though I spend kind of a lot of time on school (unless I don’t… I guess it depends on whether I feel like being productive or not :p) I really don’t like studying. That’s an understatement.

Okay so I went to school again today. And I basically just fell into my old rythm. Wake up, get ready, go to school and try not to kill anyone, go back home, work/study, eat, study, sleep. Or if I don’t have so much study work I’ll watch some series or whatever.

Am I the only one that totally obsesses about certain series, movies or books when/after I watch or read them? I have a friend that has te same thing, and we just keep talking about them… For christmas, I got The Maze Runner series by James Dashner and I am sooo excited to read the books! I already saw the movie – which is a shame: I always say you can’t watch the movie before the book (unless the book is bad). I normally don’t do it, but I got invited and I kind of really wanted to see it… And it was awesome! I really liked it. (but that might also have been because I like Dylan o’Brien – the actor who plays the main character – a lot).

But now I really have to study, next week is testweek! (help me)

Sleep tight!

ps. I have been obsessing over the song Wayfaring Stranger! I recommend the cover of Ed Sheeran 😀

2 thoughts on “Oh, how I love school”

  1. Lol you are totally not the only one who obsesses over books! I go through periods of obsession with certain songs, certain films, and certain book series all the time!
    I know you will do fine on your test next week, you sound really smart!!

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