Day 6: A good work day

Went to work today.  Before that though my aunt came over with her baby.  She’s almost 5 weeks old now.  Getting normal baby size now.  Not so newborn anymore.  Got to spend the morning with her before I went in to work.

Work was simple today.  Not much happened.  Ran into a guy that gave me his number once.  I never texted or called and I don’t even remember his name….he remembered mine though.  So awkward.  Oh well I’m seeing someone now so it don’t matter.

Trying to stay on track with that lifestyle I’ve started.  I think he’s doing better than I am.  I gotta get some of this stuff outta here before I can take it head on.  I’m getting there though.

At 25 pounds lost he says I can get my belly button pierced.  I’m excited for that.  Just hope I can make it there by summer.

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