Standing beautiful like a sprouting rose it took her a minute to realize his approach. His obvious observation lead to an outstanding conversation; as they go with the flow their connection continues to grow.

 Her bambi eyes start to shine, meeting his; there ancient memories rewind.

 His eyes begin to follow the serves of her curves, as she smokes a cigarette he explains to her that he’s a man of his word.

 He rambles on about his beliefs, but before he can finish she interrupts him. “No need too explain, you and I balance. We are old souls with cups full but if we combine them together we could shine bright like gold.”

 Startled at the moment he could not speak. He smiled at her; admiring her beauty; He knows inside she despritaly craves relief, triggering him to think about her yoni in which he wishes to receive. 

 They free there selves of there clothes of cotton then they lay bare skin, ready to give up there only innocence as this night shall never be forgotten.

 He begins to kiss every inch of her body making his way down he starts to get naughty. Satisfaction came to her mind when her clit experienced his toung could move so fine.

 He puts it in slowly, while her nails dig down his pine. He grips onto her love handles then increases his grind. 

 Then turning her around he arches her back down while she’s standing on her knee’s, he spreads her legs and dives in deep.


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