Granola bars and studying

There are only a few things I really hate. One thing that’s really high on the list is when people that mean a lot to me are hurting. (Not saying that I don’t care when they don’t mean a lot to me, but when they do it’s just worse). It’s just that I want to do something, make them feel better, but mostly I can’t do anything more than just comforting. I once saw a movie where people had the ability to take over the pain of others. So when someone was hurting, everyone would just take a little bit of the hurt. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

My mom is currently dieting, so we only have these gross granola bars. Since she started dieting I’m suddenly not allowed to eat anything not-super-healthy anymore either. I tried to eat only healthy stuff for a while (more like 3 days). I ate raw vegetables, fruit, no fat or sugar and I even ate a granola bar… But I’ve made a discovery: unhealthy food isย way too delicious.

Even though I could think of so many fun things I could be doing right now instead of studying, (reading, watching a movie or serie, photograph something, play the piano, write, chat, sleep, eat……) I think I should get back to studying now…..

Sleep tight!

2 thoughts on “Granola bars and studying”

  1. How is it possible to not eat fat for like three days?! Like, isn’t there fat in basically everything? I wouldn’t know, I’m kind of clueless about this stuff, but I assume it’s not healthy to not eat fat AT ALL. Because you’re totally right, unhealthy stuff, tastes WAY better. Hang on in there and try to sneak some treats when your mom isn’t looking ๐Ÿ˜‰

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