Opportunity Costs

The title is this song I love. It’s about what it says.. opportunity costs. I am at the point where its the end of this relationship or what you might call it. I’m finding more and more I can’t be in this. My feelings arent real, much like the majority of my relationship past I’ve been in love with the idea of a person more than the actual person herself. Her mannerisms and probably views on what a relationship should be are a bit different than mine. In this scenario its a bit of age, and also general understanding of what a couple should be. The unfortunate part of it is breaking someones heart, and it may not be breaking hearts, but its probably enough to hurt them. This alone just sucks because I should have known better, but just so myself and the other person learn something I suppose it’s not a complete loss. The end of us is near, and for that I am sorry.

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