Since I got an iPhone

I think I’m going to work on iOS app for GoodnightJournal. I don’t really know how long this will take but I already started to look for resource to make it happen. Hopefully it won’t take that long. After that, maybe a new look on main site. Well just a thought on my head now. We will see. I’m adding iPhone app for this site to my to do list.

It’s been snowing here in Chicago and it’s got pretty nasty out there already. It is also freezing cold. 11:27PM on my bed just surfing internet. Still don’t really feel good hopefully I get better when I wake up tomorrow.

I have been thinking today that I should spend more time on my projects. I have been spending too much time going out and stuffs lately with all that holidays. It’s is time for me to get back to work. You know what you gotta do for what you want to achieve!

Goodnight everyone!

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