The Finest

Thoughts spinning and turning. Of all that we been through and all that I said but I’m still here lying in your bed.

Holding you close to me, my hearts pounding rapidly. I can feel the chills go down my spine as our memories rewind. The kisses that we shared and the words that we said.. The promises we made & the tears that we shed.

Now that I analyze we could of made it work with a little exercise. All I needed was your welcoming hug to unfold all my misunderstanding thoughts of our love.I wasn’t fully wrong for abandoning you like I did considering I was never good enough; ignorance & bliss. Although I might be wrong, no body deserves to be abandoned & maybe I was good enough just always felt offended.

Anyway, no reasons to dwell on the past. Let’s make the future worth our time and forever last. You & me on the path to success, no one can stop us unless we ourselves give up on the best.

Let’s walk the talk & put all the people that said we couldn’t do it, into shock. We could shine brighter then anything like shinning glasses holding shampaine. We can survive strong as long as stay humane & admit our wrongs.

Then is we shall celebrate our progress wich will make us into work or art;

At its very finest.

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