Whine vs Wine

My twins are 4 years old…and whoever said that 2 year olds were hard to handle needs to meet my twin boys. They are at a stage where their answer to anything and everything is to whine…this in turn makes me turn to wine. I do not remember my 7 year old daughter being this difficult when she was 4. Maybe it is becuase she is a girl..I know that there are differences between boys and girls…but these twins are extreme. No amount of cuddling, reasoning, or getting down on their level will make them correct their behaviors. Their temper tantrums last as long as they are physcially able to shout – to where they end up collapsing out of exhaustion. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if it was close to bedtime – that way they just sleep into the night…but they seem to meltdown mid morning and mid afternoon/early evening. I can not find a common denominator…maybe it’s me?

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